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2016 global tourism cultural ambassador for the first time open network division – Sohu global tourism ambassador Global Tourism cultural tourism Cultural Ambassador, 2005 was born in the United States developed economy, the United States and second of the population in the state of Florida, founder of Eden· Derrick, the world; events covered in many countries, the annual contest will be broadcast by satellite global event, the first global Miss World Tourism Culture the Finals held in 2006 in the United States, grand unprecedented influence. Since the founding of the world events, many are actively bid for the city, in order to help the famous international cultural festival, expand its influence and visibility, and promote the development of local tourism, economy, culture and society, is an important international event selection activities. Global tourism and cultural ambassador is committed to the extension of the cultural industry to social charity, focusing on social vulnerable groups to Thanksgiving, love, integrity, respect, the core values of the orientation. For the first time in 2016 by the Shenzhen municipal Chinese, infinite circle television media Co. Ltd. hosted and full operation, and seek cooperation with honey app social networking platform, the first open network division, through the network in the form of live, more efficient excavation of outstanding players, not only in the competition to innovation, increase the fun of the game, reducing the competition people traveling Lawton, lower cost involved in the game. At the same time, through the network, faster, broader and more complete to convey the spirit of the contest. Find the theme of "Honey app division seeking beauty, honey youth", provides the prizes for the participating players: a well-known tourist group tour spokesperson, both at home and abroad travel trips, movie advertising etc.. The network division registration time for the October 1, 2016 to October 22, 2016, please download the relevant page for app landing for honey query, and you can directly fill in the information in the registration page. Global organization of Global Tourism Culture Ambassador Organization Global Travel Culture Ambassador international event organization Global Travel Culture Ambassador International Organizing Committee competition authorization相关的主题文章:

In September, the most worthy of the world need beautiful autumn, drunk tourist – Sohu rainlendar

In September, the most worthy of divine beauty of autumn, drunk as the flower tourism Sohu traveler autumn is a colorful season, belongs to this season travel is full of sense of color, either the desert sand, leaves the mountains and fields, gold, fruit color…… As long as you like, everything can be a panoramic view. Autumn is very beautiful, but also very short, seize the time to go, don’t miss this beautiful season. (photo: Journey) fifteen channel "autumn leaves a tree a tree poem" autumn leaves, with the red color, a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, beautiful and gorgeous, add some warmth and hope for the autumn depression. Although domestic appreciation leaves place, too many to count, can I still want to recommend a place: fifteen channel. This is located in the upstream of the Yalu River tours red, autumn beauty intoxicating heart touching. (photo: Journey) fifteen channel is located in the territory of Jilin Province Changbai Korean Autonomous County, in the Changbai Mountain mountains fault zone. Here is the nature of the art, peaks and rocks, ancient trees, forest, spring, waterfall…… Picturesque, beautiful as wonderland. (photo: Journey) (photo: Journey) Paoma autumn autumn Valley mountain, colorful flags rotate in a cloudless blue sky, the wind, red, yellow, orange, yellow, clouds, a beautiful, all over the mountains and plains. (photo: the angel of the footprint) Paoma is located in Sichuan city in Kangding Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, is an extension of the mountains north of Gongga mountain. Colored sea, Kyrgyzstan Xiangchan hospital, Baita lingyun…… In the fall of the rendering, especially exceptionally brilliant. (photo: the angel of the footprint) Danba autumn autumn in Danba, like a dream like fairy tale world, there are lofty sky, mountains, deep canyons, fairytale castle Tibetan village, towering thousands of years old…… (photo: Angel footprint) colorful Manshan, pavilions, and Jiarong Tibetan village bright color harmony, it is good to hear or see. (photo: Angel footprint) Ejina autumn autumn in Ejina, the United States is very dazzling. Large yellow is here beautiful color, this gorgeous yellow from poplar. (photo: the angel of the footprint) some people say, living for one thousand years, Populus is one thousand years, one thousand years after the death of the ground immortal. They are a kind of extremely strong desert plants, no matter what kind of harsh environmental conditions, they can survive tenaciously. (photo: the angel of the footprint) even the fall of litter leaves, with the most beautiful and gorgeous posture perfectly. Located in the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region area of the Ejina, about 380 thousand acres of poplar, is one of the world’s three remaining populuseuphraticaforest. (photo: the angel of the footprint) the autumn of Wuyuan Wuyuan is a beautiful place like clouds, you can choose which party n相关的主题文章:

It is necessary to do so much during the B Ultrasound Expert this must be done several times – Sohu x3210

Is it necessary to do so many B ultrasound during pregnancy? Expert: this must be done several times – Sohu maternal pregnant mothers during pregnancy to birth, but the examination project is too complicated, many pregnant mothers often do not know what to do should check at what time, especially the ultrasound examination. How many times must be done during pregnancy? Every time B ultrasound in what time? What is the purpose of these B-mode ultrasound? The "pregnant mother" growth Ma deputy director of No.1 Hospital of Peking University invited kangaroo obstetrician to introduce: he Yingdong, pregnancy ultrasound examination time and effect. (experts: he Yingdong No.1 Hospital of Peking University deputy director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, physician, Beijing Medical Association of perinatal medicine branch secretary. The main direction is the prenatal care and perinatal treatment of high-risk pregnancy, especially in the clinical treatment of hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy Click to watch the video: pregnancy to do a total number of color Doppler ultrasound examination? He pointed out that the doctor Yingdong throughout pregnancy, and probably need to do color Doppler sonography of 4 to 5 times. The first color Doppler ultrasound examination: pregnant 6~7 weeks the first color Doppler ultrasound examination is in accordance with the mother’s menstrual age to be calculated, about 6 to 7 weeks of pregnancy. The color Doppler ultrasound examination has two purposes, on the one hand is to determine the location of the gestational sac, on the other hand, according to the size of the fetus to check the gestational age. Under normal circumstances, the fertilized egg is implanted in the endometrium, growth and development, and if the fertilized egg implantation outside the uterus, such as fallopian tubes, ovaries or other parts of the abdominal cavity, is called ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy without early medical intervention, pregnant women is very dangerous. Therefore, the first 6~7 weeks of pregnancy B ultrasound to determine whether the sac is inside the uterine cavity, or outside the uterine cavity. Secondly, the doctor will be based on the size of the fetus to see the pregnancy to check the gestational week, because some women’s menstruation is not regular, if only according to menstruation to calculate the time of pregnancy, there will be a relatively large error. If in the 6~7 weeks of pregnancy, only to see the empty bag and did not see the fetal bud and fetal heart, then, may be pregnant with the mother of the menstrual cycle does not match. In other words, the true gestational age of pregnancy is less than the gestational age calculated from the last menstrual period. In this case, should be carried out in a week after a B ultrasound, to observe the size of gestational sac and fetal bud and fetal heart growth. If the gestational sac has reached a certain diameter, while the inside is still not seen fetal bud and fetal heart, it may be a problem of embryonic development. If the diagnostic criteria are met, measures should be taken to terminate the pregnancy. The second color Doppler ultrasound examination: second weeks of pregnancy 12~14 color Doppler ultrasound examination is usually between 12~14 weeks of pregnancy, the color Doppler ultrasound has a special name, called NT color Doppler ultrasound. NT refers to the thickness of the nuchal translucency. It is a very special structure, in 12 to 14 weeks of pregnancy can be more clearly seen by B-mode ultrasound, with the development of the fetus, the anatomical structure will gradually disappear. The thicker the thickness of NT, the higher the risk of genetic abnormalities in children. If the examination found that the NT value is relatively high, you need to do amniocentesis or amniocentesis test.相关的主题文章:

Once a year the customer service service skills competition, the upcoming car Sohu -. lara fabian

Once a year the customer service service skills competition, awaits the Sohu automobile customer service service – once a year skills competition, awaits. In November 12th, the Landwind cars will usher in the "2016 tenth customer service Landwind service skills competition in Nanchang". The contest this year has been tenth years, the heart does not change. In the past ten years, all customer service continuous pursuit and constant progress, more exquisite skills, higher standards, more comprehensive customer service service. The skills competition, with "a carpenter style heritage" as the theme, is a breeze marketing company ever held one of the largest service skills competition, but also land automobile service elite, showing a grand style of originality. The addition of the skills competition DCRC service skills competition project, but also increased the team game new game mode. The so-called "unity is strength, increase the team competition" is Landwind higher requirements for comprehensive services. Team competition, not only if the individual efforts, but also need to join hands between the entire sales team. With the breeze team growing, customer service, continuous pursuit of breeze of continuous progress, will also require more skill, higher standards, more comprehensive customer service service, promote the Landwind cars faster and more stable towards the future. The contest registration notice just issued, received from all over the country maintenance station staff to participate in various positions, enrollment hot, invite more people to participate in the competition in the breeze, a large "Carpenter" style, will be a breeze and for cluster hero conference. I wish this contest a complete success, but also look forward to the wonderful performance of the contestants, who will champion? Let us look forward to! Lufeng car, live out your extraordinary "Carpenter" style, a way of inheritance more content, please watch the link: view-pq1j3y相关的主题文章:

Gaining new knowledge! Painting the original impact on the child so much – Sohu maternal t6670

Gaining new knowledge! Painting the original impact on the child so much – Sohu maternal and child painting so that the left and right brain together in the usual life, the ability to develop the main left brain. Thinking about what to draw, how to draw, and the control of the opponent’s movement, these are mostly the left half of the brain in action. In painting, the child can be invisible in the cultivation of color, shape, spatial position of cognitive ability, these abilities are particularly useful for the development of the brain. Because, when the child is able to draw a picture of the brain at the same time, in the process of creating the painting, the child will continue to break the original thinking and formulary. When you see something new in the outside world, the child has the inspiration to be able to let the two brains at the same time start". Better memory sometimes see their children painted paintings out of order, the first reaction is mom and dad’s "doodles", this is normal. If the children draw with adults almost, there is no "imagination", is like a painting of an apple, if the child finally painted like apple, it shows that there is no added to children’s imagination. Sometimes, we lack understanding of the composition of adult thinking in children’s works, in the children’s paintings, a small circle is a cloud, a figure, even if it is not a few reliable lines may represent a building, a few trees. In fact, the earliest use of the Oracle with children paintings have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful! In daily life, the children remember some of their own ideas, and adopts the "naive" "naive" way to express the abstract. Some psychologists believe that at the age of 5, the child’s creativity peaked, creativity can be compared with the painting master. The content of their paintings is not empty, in fact, is the image of their own reproduction, but adults can not understand it. Observe more strongly when your child is very happy to point to his painting of the "little eccentric" that is super, it is invincible, to believe that children. You may not understand a child’s painting, but you will find that some of the things we have been overlooked by the child was captured, and then another way to show in front of us. This is mainly the performance of the child’s ability to observe, the child will notice that many adults can not pay attention to the details. Why is a child’s imagination so difficult to understand? Adults and children’s imagination, cognitive ability is not the same. Adults like simple things, and the children’s world is very romantic, the flowers will sing, the sun long beard, the little rabbit holding a balloon, the TV has two hands…… This is because the child’s imagination is much stronger than adults. Children’s use of color is also very bold, according to their own interests, wishes will be painted color, whether it is in line with the laws of the real world. Do not think the children see the world is very outrageous, in the eyes of the child, the world is rich and colorful. Emotions will be in a timely manner. The famous educator Dexter wehe pointed out: "1 hours painting to get something, than watching ten hours to get相关的主题文章: